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Happy March!

11 Mar

Happy March!

We’re a couple of months into the new year but I am still very much on the “new year’s resolution” tip. I am not sure if this is a “Virgo” thing, or just a quirk in my personality, but I find that I don’t function well without plans and schedules and general order. Just ask my hubby what a pleasure I am to be around when the house is in disarray. I immediately feel annoyed and angry at the world. This pretty much translates to every other aspect of my life, and it can be both a blessing and a curse. With 2 small children, keeping a well-organized home is next to impossible. And making plans? As a friend quotes, we make plans and God laughs. That is my current life-motto. However, it can also be quite easy to use this as an “excuse” for putting off important priorities in life. Oh, the tangled web…

As such, it’s been particularly difficult for me to muster up a blog post. With all the resolutions I’m trying to fill, I’ve allowed some fun stuff to fall by the wayside. Currently, I’m knee-deep in the process of trying to cut sugar and bread from my diet. Not entirely. But enough that I don’t depend on a lemon-ginger scone as both fruit and fiber quota for the day. Let me tell you – I’m suffering! Pastries are like a warm pillow and duvet for me! They make me feel like everything will be all right! Currently, everything is kind of “fuzzy” and hungry. I’ve been told that this too shall pass.

But I feel some blog posts brewing! Would it be extremely presumptuous of me to say, hold tight? For those who are kind enough to visit this blog, let me leave you with this teaser: we’ll have exercise and nutrition updates, stories of my kids and family life, and even my fears about the state of our world and the awful idea of calamity and catastrophe heading our way. And heck, maybe some craft ideas too!

Stay tuned.