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Yin and Yang

17 Oct

So, I’m thinking, when it comes to honesty, people don’t really want to hear it. And really, what is honesty? Or truth? We all have our version of it. What has shaped us throughout our lives has shaped our version of the truth as well. Because although some truths are absolute (like one should not kill, for example), most are extremely subjective. And, sadly, even the “absolute” truths can actually be argued.

Could truth really be an opinion? I have always believed that there are rights and wrongs. Some truths simply WERE, and anyone who argued them was either an idiot or evil. (And I don’t mean that in a religious sense, by the way.) But now I wonder, did I just mean that anyone who didn’t subscribe to MY truth was an idiot? And does everyone ELSE feel that way too?? Damn. That can get confusing.

There are the superficial “truths”. Like when I ask my hubby what he thinks of an outfit I’m wearing. Generally, if his version of that truth differs from mine, he will feel the wrath. (Love you, babe!) But what about the more important truths? Like, would your friends appreciate if you started to honestly express how you felt about every aspect of their lives? About their parenting skills, for example? Or their lifestyle choices? What if you thought their brother was a jerk? Do you tell them that? How about if you thought their wife was a flake?

But this once again brings me back to the beginning: are any of these actual “truths”? They are to YOU but, in fact, they are all your opinions. You may be able to argue them to death, but I still guarantee someone out there can counter your argument effectively. And, even more importantly, who cares what you think! What I mean is, at which point are you being a good friend who is genuinely thinking of someone’s best interests OR are you simply giving your version of a truth and trying to change others to suit what YOU think is the “right” way to live.

Now, I don’t even want to get started on the bigger truths. Like faith, or love, or politics, or music… Is everything subjective?? Do we live in an utterly subjective world? This shakes my judgemental, opinionated Virgo to her core! I think I need to go call customer service at Bell or Enbridge or (insert any similar company here) and argue with them for a while. This will restore my faith in that there are ultimate truths and, more importantly, I am right and they are wrong.

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