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7 Dec

I guess it must be the season, but I feel completely overwhelmed lately. No time to clean, no time to cook, shopping is falling behind, and even my email sits unanswered. Of course we also haven’t done any holiday shopping. As hectic as it is, though, I absolutely adore this time of year. I am a complete sucker for all the cliché traditions that come with Christmas. Having 2 kids, this has increased tenfold. As much as this will probably set back the women’s movement 100’s of years, I wish I could be in my kitchen, wearing an apron and baking cookies all day…the house immaculate, lights twinkling on our fresh tree…my children sitting quietly by the fire, reading stories….

Oops…pardon me…I fell asleep for a moment and had a ridiculous dream…

Anyhow, the irony of it all is that I am useless in the kitchen and I get overwhelmed just thinking about cleaning. I also suck at crafts. But, I’ll be damned, this year WILL be different. I started off adamant to make a beautiful, handmade advent calendar. Ultimately, I decided to make this, but clearly I was delusional since it was November 29th when I found this design. No way I would actually accomplish this by December 1st. Particularly since I lacked the materials and a sewing machine! (A great friend is going to help me make this for next year though! I’ll keep you all posted…)

Ultimately, I made pretty cards that I hung in a fancy way. On the back of each card I wrote something special that we would do that day to celebrate the season. Make lanterns…go for a walk downtown to see the lights…eat dinner in dress-up clothes…make a list of things we are thankful for…stuff like that…

As simple as this looks, it still took me 4 hours! Wow! I’m outta shape!

So, for my next project, I intend to make mason jar lanterns that we can take with us to celebrate the Winter Solstice. These will be for the kids so I’d like them to be colourful and bright. Google has helped with inspiration, of course. I’m excited.

This is something new for me, but I feel this spark inside of me that makes me want to create. I think it’s the kids. It’s amazing how much they inspire me to do things differently. I was always someone who preferred to buy things ready-made rather than make any effort in bringing them to fruition. But I guess kids make things more fun and it’s amazing to see the joy in their eyes when they’ve created the simplest of things. Believe me, though, this is extremely difficult for the Virgo in me. I am a control freak, and a neat freak and anal to the max. Getting messy and crafty, and trying to create something original, is actually hard for me. So I’m revelling in this new feeling and going with the flow. And loving every minute.