Input / Output

13 Aug

Our thoughts are energy.  This is not a philosophical statement; it is scientific fact.  And it is something that has been on my mind (ha!) over the past couple of weeks.

Let me digress for a moment… I am famous with my family and friends for complaining about things.  I feel like there are so many injustices in this world.  I want to fix them all!! However, this trait is strongly juxtaposed with my utter fear of confrontation.  Case in point: while jogging a few weeks ago, I was bitten lightly by a fellow jogger’s dog.  Although I initially yelled out in pain and the owner did scold her dog, I then continued running!  Thinking back on this, I find it absurd, but in fact, quite common in terms of how I react to others.

As such, what often happens is that I encounter some “injustice” throughout the day and I don’t respond at the time that it occurs.  I seethe about it for hours, maybe even days.  Then I either unload on my husband or my best friend (thank you both!).  Or I write a complaint letter.

And, oh, the complaint letters I have written!

Yesterday, I was met with another “injustice”.  I was treated extremely rudely at my local coffee shop.  At the time, of course, I hung my head and fumed silently.  Then I got home and the venting began.  Finally, my husband said, “You should write a letter to the owner.”  Yes!!  I was super-charged.  Oh, this letter was going to be a doozy!

So, last night I sat at the laptop and began firing off my tirade.  But as the words emerged on the screen, I began to feel drained.  And even after pressing Send, I didn’t feel any better.  If anything, I felt worse.  To add insult to injury, the contact email on the establishment’s website was out of order, so my scalding words were staring back at me a few seconds later.

This is when I, once again, began to ponder the concept of thoughts and energy.  Whatever our intentions are, this is the energy that we emit into the world.  Yesterday, the rude barista, for whatever reason, was emitting pure negativity and I was her direct beneficiary.  That negativity plagued me silently throughout the day and probably subconsciously effected many of my responses to other situations.  When I tried to resolve the issue with a letter, though, it was I who emitted the negativity and this drained me completely.  I was filled with rage and venom and I tried to relatively nicely transmit this into words.  But I wonder, if I had confronted the barista at the time…perhaps called her out on her behaviour…would I have been able to destroy the negativity?  Maybe I would have made her realize what she was doing and the energy would have been transformed into something more positive.  (This happens all the time.  My kids will be driving me crazy and I’m filled with anger, yet a simple hug or smile from them can transform the heaviness of the room into light and love.  Our intentions are that powerful.) Of course, it doesn’t always work this way.  I easily could have been met with an even harsher response from the barista upon confrontation.  Or maybe she would have reacted with complete indifference.  The variables are endless.  But the constant dance between our energies cannot be denied.  And here, all the famous clichés spring to mind…

Every action has a reaction.

To receive love you must give love.

Karma is a bitch!

Oh wait. How did that get in there?!?

So my ultimate goal?  Meet every confrontation head on and speak with love.  Allow each situation to be a lesson to myself and others and try to always be aware of the energy I emit. (My post about delusions of grandeur and Joan-of-Arc syndrome to follow shortly.)


One Response to “Input / Output”

  1. Michelle 13Aug10 at 17:44 #

    I agree with everything you said here! LOL I find that in situations like the one at the local coffee shop, it’s hard to not fume and react in an equally negative manner. No one really wins.

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