Opinionated much?

8 Aug

I suppose starting a blog at this point in time is a bit cliché.  I’d like to think I’ll be contributing something original, but chances are I won’t.  What I will be doing, though, is getting some stuff off my chest.  You see, I think I’m a generally well-liked person.  I smile a lot. I laugh even more.  But beneath this exterior is a pretty judgemental and opinionated person.  Yes.  I am constantly judging you.

I am a Virgo.  It’s not something that has ever made me particularly proud.  Part of the (stereotypical) Virgo nature is that we are highly critical.  And, so, here we are.  I judge, criticize, and generally expect A LOT out of people.  But I want to do better.  My hope is that if I send my thoughts out into the blogosphere, I will learn something.  Because, inevitably, if this experiment is a success, my thoughts will get thrown right back at me and I will grow a little more each day.  Or something profound like that.


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